The Sisters’ Committee of IACC consists of women from all different backgrounds who volunteer to serve the IACC community. The committee is involved with the Masjid in many ways:

  • The committee works in conjunction with the IACC Shura and various other committees to plan major masjid-wide events, such as open houses, Ramadan and Eid activities, educational seminars, and fundraisers; this requires us to do volunteer recruitment, marketing, and event set-up, as well as many other tasks.
  • In addition to larger events, the Sisters’ Committee also coordinates education, social service, and community service projects
  • The committee has also organizes events such as janazah-ghusl training, parenting workshops and various collection drives for refugees and people in need

If you have any questions or concerns regarding women’s activities at Plano Masjid, or if you are new to town and would like to get familiar with all the activities offered here at IACC, please feel free to contact us at and we would be glad to assist you.

May Allah accept all our sincere efforts to please Him.