Community Assistance Program

Community Assistance Program

CAP stands for Community Assistance program. The CAP team is dedicated to serve the community within Collin County and beyond, Muslims and Non Muslims in times of financial difficulties, with basic needs. CAP uses Zakat, Sadaqa and Fitra funds to meet these needs.

There are several other programs such as monthly Food Drive, Food Bank, weekly health clinics, annual health fair, flue shots, collecting  and distributing  Udhya meat, clothing, and furniture. CAP also works together with other organizations in the area to find resources for help.  Female members are also part of CAP team to work with female community members who may be in need of funds, shelter or something else.

There is an established process that CAP follows to carefully review each case to utilize these funds. If you feel that you are going through hardship and need some assistance with basic needs of life, don’t hesitate to contact any of the CAP members. Please rest assured that all information about applicants is kept confidential.

In addition to providing short term financial help to qualifying applicants, CAP also guides the applicants to explore other resources for financial help, housing and work/business opportunities.

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Please allow at least 3 days for processing your application

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If you like to offer your services as a volunteer, please  contact one of the CAP members or send an email to


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