Young Professionals

Young Professionals

Programs for Young Professionals are facilitated through WAVES, which stands for Working Adults for Virtue, Engagement, and Success. WAVES is a committee made up of and for young adults and young professionals at IACC and throughout DFW.

It’s a Masjid initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life and re-engage young adults in their local Muslim Community. WAVES believes in creating a holistic approach to instill spirituality in everyday lives as a means of getting closer to Allah (SWT). We encourage a thoughtful, civil, and broad approach to understanding Islam in the context of our present reality. We aim to create this approach and understanding through the following value systems:

  • Virtue: religious programs and experiences targeted towards young adults and young professionals
  • Engagement: opportunities for volunteering, philanthropy, and mentorship at IACC and the greater DFW and Muslim Communities
  • Success: social and professional networking programs specifically built for young adults and young professionals

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