In Arabic, the root of the word maʿrifa (ʿa-r-f) is linked to a sense of continuity and to a feeling of rest and tranquility. The word maʿrifa connotes deep knowledge that requires reflection and deliberation, that is learned so well that it actually becomes experiential.

At a time when the teachings of Islam are constantly under attack, when we find a myriad of opinions about every religious matter and people quoting the Quran and Sunna to promote their own interpretations of Islam, it has become more important than ever to take a serious, structured, and well-grounded approach to learning the sacred sciences. The Marifa Program provides a comprehensive 3-year curriculum of part time classes in Islamic studies for college students, young professionals, and adults with the following objectives:

  1. To realize how little we know
  2. To appreciate the richness of the Islamic scholarly tradition
  3. To distinguish normative Islam from its aberrant interpretations
  4. To develop the ability to answer questions about Islam with clarity and accuracy
  5. To become inspired to practice Islam with conviction, sincerity, and excellence


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