HAD 101

LINKED: An Introduction to the Sciences of Hadith

Note: This course was offered live in Fall, 2018, and is now available as an online course of recorded lectures.

“Indeed Allah has done a favor to the Believers by sending unto them a Messenger from amongst them to rehearse unto them His Signs, to cleanse them, and to teach them the Book and Wisdom. Indeed, they had been in manifest error before it.” (Āl-ʿImrān, 3:164)

ʿAbdullāh b. Mubārak said, “Indeed isnād is a part of this Religion [dīn]. Were it not for isnād, anyone could say whatever he wished.”

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why do we need ḥadīth when we have the Quran?
  • How reliable are the works of ḥadīth?
  • What’s so special about the Six Books of ḥadīth & their authors?
  • Why are Muslim scholars so obsessed with the isnād (chain of narration) system?
  • Why do so many scholars ignore sound ḥadīths?
  • Is there any value in a weak ḥadīth?

This course will answer these questions and many more!




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