Our vision is to embody the values of youth and our reality in the community, and design events that meet our needs as a reflection of the following ideals:

Cognizance - a firm understanding and belief in the Divine unity of God and consciously living the experience thereof;  
Love -  embracing the shared experience of others and nurturing affinity and support for one another in the Prophetic model;
Service - being an active participant in cultivating spiritual and social connectivity that improves the human condition and that of creation at large.

Love Profoundly. Serve Purposefully.


There are a variety of ways you can contribute to the community, one of which is through your own Youth Group! We strive to make this a comfortable and inclusive community for all youth through all of our events. We want to bring together our Ummah and that all starts with you-our youth!



Hey college students!! Tomorrow our awesome Shattering Doubts program w/ Sh. Arsalan Haque starts at 2:30! Start your summer off right and come hang with us :)

+you’ll get a chance to win money to help w/ that #broke life

makes me so happy to see masjids taking the initiative to reduce plastic waste by telling people to bring reusable water bottles :’) this is what ramadan is about

Drone caught the percise moment when dolphins and whales are playing.

Look how majestic and beautiful this is.


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Here are some of the exciting events that YOU should be looking forward to this Ramadan !!! Sign up now and see you all there :))🕌🧁✨🌙

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Readers' Club

Purpose: To inspire and motivate our Youth to build a friendly relationship with literature that can positively nourish their souls, minds, and bodies.
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Science and Technology Club

Purpose: To arouse and cultivate students' interest in learning Science & Technology. 
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Speakers' Club

Purpose: To provide a platform for our Youth where they can learn public speaking skills from their seniors and become better speakers through coaching, practice, and competitions.
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Writers' Club

Purpose: To provide a platform to our Youth where they can improve their writing skills and become strong writers through the process of coaching, practice, and competitions. 
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Youth Magazine
Youth Magazine: Written, Edited and Published by IACC Youth
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