Suhba FAQs

Q: What are the exact timings of the classes?

A: Saturdays from 2:30-4:30 are regular class timings. These will be adjusted in the winter, when we need to accommodate Asr and Maghrib Jamaah. Students will attend two different subject classes each Saturday. Attendance is taken in each class and is mandatory.

Q: What are the class dates for the fall 2021 semester? Are there any holidays?

A: First day of the fall semester is Aug 21st, last day is Dec 11th. Holidays in the fall semester are Sept 4th (Labor Day) and Oct 9th (Fall Break), and Nov 27th (Thanksgiving break).

Q: What is the tuition?

A: Suhba tuition is $199 per semester.

Q: Is the Suhba program a right fit for my child?

A: If your child has already completed some form of elementary Islamic education (i.e. graduated from Sunday school), then Suhba should be an appropriate program for them. But please note, the Suhba program is for students who want to be there. There must be some internal desire to attend these classes. It’s scope is such that it will require motivation on the student’s part to attain benefit. (deleted portion here) Additionally, attendance is mandatory and this program is not recommended for students who cannot make the commitment to attend classes in person.

Q: Can a student entering 9th grade join the Suhba program?

A: Yes, of course. All students entering into high school grades 9 through 12 can apply for the Suhba program in the fall semester.

Q: Can a student entering 12th grade join the Suhba program?

A: Please email if this is the case with your student.

Q: Can a student join in the spring semester?

A: No, new students are only accepted in the fall semester.

Q: How are students assessed in Suhba?

A: Students are graded on their homework, quizzes, exams and required volunteer hours (5 per semester). Attendance is also mandatory.

Q: Do students need to buy books?

A: Yes, once the student application and registration have been processed, students will receive an email advising which textbooks will be used during the school year, and they will need a hard copy of these books on the first day of class.