Rufqa FAQs

Q: What grade I can enroll my kids to Rufqa program?

A: Rufqa is for middle school kids. We have three grades 6th, 7th and 8th.

Q: What are the exact timings of the Rufqa classes?

A: Saturdays from 11:00-2:15 are regular class timings. Zuhr salah is part of the program.

Q: What are the class dates for 2019-2020? Are there any holidays?

A: First day of the fall semester is Aug 17th, last day is Dec 14th. Holidays in the fall semester are Aug 31st (Labor Day) and Nov 23rd and 30th (Thanksgiving break). Spring semester will start again on Jan 11th, and end on May 9th. Holidays in the spring semester are March 7th and 14th (spring break).

Q:   What is the tuition? 

A: Rufqa 6th grade tuition is $205 ($165 + $40 Books) per semester. Rufqa 7th and 8th grade tuition is $185 ($165 + $20 Books).

Q: Why books cost more for 6th grade?

A: For 6th grade we are starting Arabic classes from this year. There is an extra $20 for Arabic language book.

Q: Is the Rufqa program a right fit for my child?

A: If your child has already completed some elementary Islamic education and want to learn Arabic language, Seerah, Hadith and about Companion of Holy Prophets in addition discuss middle school challenges in a workshop open format session 

then this program is right for your child. Its scope is such that it will require motivation on the student’s part to attain benefit and be a better Muslim.

Q: Can a student join in the spring semester?

A: No, new students are only accepted in the fall semester.

Q: How are students assessed in Rufqa?

A: Students are graded on their homework, quizzes and exams. Attendance is also mandatory. Students must score at least 70% in exam to quality and promoted to next grade.

Q: Do students need to buy books?

A: We collect the cost of books as part of semester fees. Parents can buy or use books if they it at home.