Nazirah Tech (Age Group 6 to 13 years)

Target Age Group & Importance

Fluent Quran Reading and a command over Arabic phonics is the most important ingredient for an easy memorisation of Quran and a comfortable Arabic Language Acquisition. So from the age of 6 years to 13 years, the child must develop a good proficiency in Arabic Phonics and reading of Qur’an and other Arabic texts with the Harakaat as a first step into formal Arabic Learning.


This Program is designed to help children easily master Arabic Phonics and read Qur’an fluently with proper Tajweed applied..

Teaching Methodology

The students would attend this program in the language lab. They would listen to and repeat after the world renowned Quran reciters on their electronic tablets that will be provided in class, so their time sitting in class is productively spent on practice and reinforcing the lesson feedback  so their teacher can focus exclusively on listening to the newly learnt lesson and give necessary feedback which is the most important aspect.


Qaidah Nooraniah and Mushaf in electronic format to be used.


One hour lesson 4 days a week until the child reaches 13 year age.

Next Step

After 7 years of age, the child transitions into the Arabic Immersion Module.


Fee: $116 per month prorated weekly

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