Comprehensive Arabic Program (Age Group 12 to 18 years and Beyond)

Target Age Group & Importance

By this stage, the learners are mature enough to formally start learning the classic & Modern Standard Arabic that would enable them to communicate in Arabic and start understanding Quran and the five daily prayers directly. Furthemore, they can avail this program to acquire exemption in their high school second language courses through evaluation exam.


This Program teaches the Arabic language as a whole focusing on developing the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advance goal will enable the student to comfortably understand Quran, communicate fluently in Arabic, easily comprehend the Arabic texts and even pursue higher studies whose medium of instruction is Arabic.

Teaching Methodology

A highly interactive methodology where new vocabulary is introduced in each lesson via short Arabic conversations followed by lots of reading and writing practice worksheets with detailed progress feedback.


The six part series of Al Arabiyyatu Bayna Yadayk and custom handouts. Below is

Beginner Level will cover book 1A and 1B

Intermediate Level will cover book 2A and 2B

Advanced Level will cover book 3A and 3B

Trackwise Duration:

Comprehensive Arabic Program will cover all the three levels in three years.