Arabic Seed (Age Group 2 to 6 years)

Arabic Seed is an early education program designed to teach the Arabic language to children ages 2-6. This program is based on research which shows that an early start to learning a second language is highly effective in gaining proficiency in the language. Parents who sign up for the subscription will receive weekly emails with a lesson plan, videos, and tips on how to best expose their child to the Arabic language.


  • Expose the children to the Arabic language from an early age so that they are familiar with its alphabet and sounds.
  • Lay a foundation in Arabic so the child is better prepared to read and memorize the Quran and Hadith
  • Prepare the child to for our Arabic Immersion program


  • Arabic is the language of our Prophet (peace be upon him). It is a rich, eloquent, and vast language. Learning this language has benefits beyond measure. Not only will it help your child come closer to his/her religion, it will also provide other intellectual and cognitive benefits.
  • Research shows that students who study a foreign language for longer periods consistently outperform those students who don’t in standardized tests including the SAT and the ACT.

Sign up today for only $10/month or $95/year and help your child gain a lifetime of benefits.


Fee: $10 per month or $95 per year

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