Arabic Seed (Age Group 2 to 5 years)

Target Age Group & Importance

This Arabic Program provides an informal and indirect natural Arabic exposure to children from two-year-olds to five-year-olds to prepare them for an easy start into their formal Arabic Language Acquisition Journey later to develop a near-native proficiency level..


This Arabic Program is designed to get children used to listening to a wide range of Arabic vocabulary and expressions making them familiar with Arabic Language at the subconscious level and to build a natural interest in learning the Arabic Language.

Teaching Methodology

ًShort Pre-recorded weekly Arabic lessons will be shared via email with the parents for their children to watch and learn from.


Special Rhymes and Stories containing the basic high frequency Arabic vocabulary and expressions will be the material used in the prerecorded video lessons.


1 lesson a week until the child reaches 5 year age.

Next Step

After 5 years of age, the child transitions into a more formal program called Nazirah Tech