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1) Registration Form

New or Returning Students: Please fill out the Quranic Education Registration Form below to sign up for any of our Quran Programs*: FT-Hifz, PT-Hifz, Naazirah, Qirah, Special Needs:

*Based on Class Availability

**Summer Programs Do Not Require Registration Forms.

2) Admission Test

  • Naazirah Program: No Test Required. Registration Form Must Be Completed.
  • All Other Programs: Test Required. Testing to be scheduled after Registration Form has been submitted.
  • All Programs listed below will require an Admission Test with our Quranic Education Director before being admitted into any of the following Programs:
  • FT-Hifz: Test Required
  • PT-Hifz: Test Required
  • Qirah: Test Required
  • Special Needs: Student will be assessed by our Special Needs Coordinator

3) Registration Fees

  • After completing your Registration Form, we will contact you to discuss either scheduling a class test or class availability options.
  • You must then pay the Registration Fees online in order for your child to be added to the Class List or Waiting List:

Scholarship Application

Financial aid scholarships are offered to families who demonstrate need. If you are in need of an Education Scholarship for your child, please download & fill out the Scholarship Application form (with your most recent Tax Returns) and email it back to at your earliest convenience.

You will then be contacted by our Scholarship Committee for the next steps. Jazakallah.

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