Zahid Bheda

Zahid Bheda

Zahid Bheda

Ultimate goal is to prepare where we are heading In sha Allah.

1- Long term goal for the community is to be self-sufficient In Sha Allah financially so we do less fundraisings.

2- Our kids need to come back to masjid to pray first and then play. We would like our masjid to be vibrant again In Sha Allah.

3-  Khuluq-un Azeem we all need to work on this together. In Sha Allah (I need the most)

4- We want to make sure our Imam and scholars along with all the teachers are taken care of both financially and emotionally. They are the ones that are going to help us get to where we are heading  at the end of the day! 

5- Most importantly, when we make decisions, we make sure that we don’t lead or make decisions based on our hawa/ nafs.

It’s a service business. We need to lend our two ears to the community, not only those we like. Everybody is important and our job as shura members is to make sure we are here for them. Our body language should be such that we are approachable. May Allah make it easy for all of us In Sha Allah.