Shazeb Gaziani

Shazeb Gaziani

I have been a part of IACC since its foundation.  I can still remember families in Plano taking turns hosting prayers at their homes because there wasn’t even a musallah in Plano.  I have been a member and involved with the community in many formal and informal roles including being the co-founder of the first youth group.  I have served on various IACC committees including:  the committee to draft the constitution of the Collin County Consortium of Masjids, HR committee, youth director search committee, and young professionals committee. 

My goals and vision for the masjid is to provide for a more vibrant community by looking at new opportunities for activities and to work to enhance the programming we already have.  Some specific goals are as follows:

 1.)  I hope to work with Shaykh Arsalan to expand the cooperation with other seminaries nationally and internationally that I have contacts at.  Additionally, I would work to get Taqwa’s Arabic program through an accreditation process so it can be utilized for high school and college credit.  There have been other Muslim programs that have done such accreditation and it would provide more opportunity to the students studying at Taqwa. 

2.)  The vast majority of Muslim youth in our community attend public school.  Alhamdulliah Imam Azhar has done a lot to engage the Plano Independent School District and I hope to aid in his public engagement by having the masjid have a more proactive focus.  Specifically, I would work with Imam Azhar to convey concerns/issues Muslim families may have regarding potential teaching of controversial issues at the school and to have the district formalize a process to give school credit for taking Arabic at Taqwa Seminary.

3.)  I would like to engage with our construction committee to do feasibility studies for having the masjid place solar panels on the roof and to build a playground in the open space.  With the various tax credits and the numerous Muslim owned solar companies, I believe there may be a path for cost effective and financially prudent solar paneling of the masjid to reduce or eliminate yearly electricity costs.  Additionally, as a parent with young children, I find myself often coordinating with other parents in the community to take my child to the local playgrounds.  As a way to really begin developing an attachment to the masjid at an early age, it would be nice to have a playground area for younger children that would associate enjoyable early moments with the masjid.  Overall, these goals are some of the areas that I would take a leadership and advocacy role on to enhance the masjid experience for all who attend with the ultimate goal of having a vibrant community that serves Allah (swt).