Shahid Iqbal

Shahid Iqbal

Shahid Iqbal

Solution Architect,

MS Computer Science – FAU, Florida BS Computer Science – QAU Islamabad

Subhanallahi wa Bihamdihi, Subhanallahil Azeem

About Me:

Alhamdu Lillah, I have been living in Collin County for the last 8 years with my wife and 3 caring and smart daughters. Two of my daughters are in their final year of UTD Undergraduate degree and the youngest is 10th grader at Jasper High in Plano.

Professional Experience:

  • 25 years in IT, majority experience is in Solution Architecture and Delivery Management.
  • 15 years in management of personal initiatives ( and BlessTech LLC)
  • Board Member of a Florida Middle School managing events, staff, curriculum and operations.

IACC Experience:

  • Lead Taqwa Seminary Operations to assure continuity of programs after Sheikh Khalil.
  • Co-Lead Speak to WIN, Read to WIN, Write to WIN, Code to WIN IACC Youth programs.
  • Organized Network 2 Success – a networking event for DFW professionals & entrepreneurs.
  • Organized IACC sports and Volleyball tournaments & helped organize ICNA Quiz.
  • Volunteer for other IACC programs e.g. Day of dignity, Food bank, Clinic, etc.

IACC Challenges:

  • Post pandemic community and volunteer engagement has been lagging. People who have tried to contribute felt their feedback is not valued.
  • Youth engagement in volunteer work as well as in participation is on decline. Youth are being attracted to other organizations in the area for spiritual guidance.
  • Lacking adoption of technology in operations management and community outreach.

IACC Objectives:

  • Bring voice of community, volunteers and employees into Shura major decisions and instill transparency in Shura decision making.
  • Improve intra-organization and intra-community communication with new digital solutions.
  • Revive Volunteering spirit with focus on Youth run/mangemed programs and sports events.
  • Implement community content development and distribution through various channels.
  • Establish IACC as a platform to unite our diverse community around common objectives.

Why Elect Me?

Over the years everyone in my family has benefited spiritually and by different IACC programs and events. So much so that I feel that I consider the IACC community as an extended family. It’s very obvious to notice that our community unity, programs and progress is affected by Pandemic disruption and outward expansion of community with new Islamic centers all around us. I feel that a revival of participation in the community is very much needed. I want to step up and do my part for it.