Salman Ijazi

Salman Ijazi

Children:         Two (Ages 18 and 28) both of them attended Sunday school at IACC

Profession:     Oil & Gas Professional

About:             I’m married to Nickhat Ijazi and have been living in the Collin County for 30 years

                        Associated with Plano Masjid and have been volunteering for

  • Plano Masjid
  • Served as an Administrator at IACC Sunday School for last 8 years
  • Managed sports committee for IACC
  • Organized and started Volleyball group at IACC for 10 years
  • Outreach group for refugees
  • Served in youth development committee

I like to expand my volunteering activities and participate in the following:

  • Represent Plano community members of the Plano community at IACC.
  • Participate in masjid shura committees and contribute for community development. 
  • Develop programs for youth of the community.
  • Organize training programs for the youth and adults in the community.
  • Unite Muslim community in Collin County to be recognized as major minority and reach out to civic leaders to establish programs for young adult members of the community.
  • Promote volunteerism and healthy activities for young and adults of the community for causes like
  • Sports activities
  • Inter faith social programs
  • Senior citizens activities and their contribution to the community

If you are looking for a strong candidate who can stand and would not become a yes man/woman shura member you should consider me for IACC shura member. I will stand for what is right for the community. Youth Programs

I humbly request for your support.

As you know men/women plays a major role in teaching values and behaviors to the children. I want to empower volunteers to take a greater part of teaching our kids and next generation to learn community work and leadership.