Manzur Mahmud

Manzur Mahmud

Manzur Mahmud

Assalamu Alikum Wa Rahmatullai Wa Barkatuhu

My name is Manzur Mahmud, and I have been a resident of Plano and part of the IACC community for 22 years. I am married and have two daughters and one son. By the Grace of Allah (SWT) I have a full time job as an electrical engineer in Dallas area. Beside my full time job and duties to my family, I engage myself in serving my community to the best of my ability. IACC is like my second home, and I plan to lead with the shura to make it one of the best Islamic centers in the country.

My objectives for IACC are as follows InshAllah:

  • Improve and expand our existing youth programs
  • Develop more programs for the sisters
  • Maintain a robust financial budget for IACC operations and projects
  • Continue efforts of the previous shura to complete unfinished projects
  • Optimize and expand our current educational programs for all ages
  • Explore the potential of a Muslim Senior Living Facility

IACC Experience

  • IACC Ameer (2006-2010), (2021- 2022) 6 Year
  • IACC Shura member (2002-2006, and 2018-2020, 6 Years)
  • IACC Operations (2014-2018, 2 Years)
  • IACC Sunday School Teacher for 20 years
  • Led the expansion of Multipurpose Hall, Library, Clinic, and Extended Parking Lot as part of IACC’s Vision 2010
  • Led various IACC Committees
  • Former IACC Clinic Volunteer
  • Graduate of IACC Ma’rifa Program (Taqwa Seminary)

Other Experience

  • Former Board Member of non-profit NABIC (North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community)
  • Advisor/Volunteer of non-profit Sabrina Memorial Foundation
  • Advisor/Volunteer BDI (Bangladeshi Employee Network) and MEN (Muslim Employees Network at Texas Instruments
  • Former captain of Texas Instruments Soccer team

IACC is a facility for everyone. Despite our differences, we are blessed with a diverse community, and with the grace and mercy of Allah (SWT), we can all cooperate to improve IACC together.

We plan to provide an excellent  service to our community members.  With my experience, leadership, and fellow Shura members, I hope to lead our community to new heights Insha-Allah .