IACC Elections – 2020 – Election Etiquette

IACC Elections – 2020 – Election Etiquette

Dear IACC Shura Candidates,

In order to conduct 2020 IACC election fairly the election commission has mandated the following rules for all candidates and for their surrogates.

  • Your Responsibility – The importance of serving the IACC community through the institution of the Masjid cannot be over emphasized. It may be considered as a “Corporate Social Responsibility” and above all to please and gain the mercy, goodness, benevolence and blessings of the Almighty Allah (SWT). Any motive, attitude or outlook towards any objectives of political or financial gain may therefore be shunned and avoided. The sole purpose should merely be to seek refuge and protection from His (SWT) wrath. This effect needs to be clearly borne in mind, practiced and ensured by all members of the IACC community and more dominantly by the Ameer, and the members of the Shura. 
  • Election Manifesto – Candidates nominated for elections should submit one-page document after the “Election Etiquette” meeting on Saturday, October 24th 2020. This meeting will be conducted through virtual meetings. This document should highlight their involvement in Masjid affairs and what they desire to accomplish if elected in this Shura. This document, after reviewed by the election commission, will be posted on Masjid bulletin board and may be published on the IACC website.
  • Photographs – All candidates should submit a passport size photograph along with the election manifesto.
  • Meet the candidate session will not be held during the current election cycle due Covid-19 pandemic. Election Commission urges that all candidate provide a 2-minute video answering the questions provided by the election commission. The video will be posted on the IACC website along with the candidate’s profile.
  • House of Allah – The sanctity of the Masjid should be persevered at all times (before, during and after the election process is complete).
  • Provocative Actions – Actions such as loud noises, slogans, loud debates or heated arguments, jokes between candidates or their acquaintances will not be tolerated on or around the Masjid premises.
  • Based on the severity of violation, Election commission may issue a warning or in some case can disqualify the candidate.
  • Election Campaign
    • Campaigning of any sort for any “candidate” or “position” on the Masjid premises will not be allowed at any time. Candidates shall not use any IACC resources and facility for election related activity or campaign.   
    • No placards, papers, flyers, banners, or badges are allowed to be distributed or posted on the Masjid premises.
    • Negative campaigning, backbiting, bashing of any other candidates, current/previous Shura members will NOT be allowed at any time.
    • Suggestions for or the deficiencies of the election commission can be submitted via email listed below (in writing in the box marked “Suggestions” kept in the front office.) Please refrain from unnecessary criticism of the election commission, it will not help your candidacy.
    • Neither candidates nor any surrogate of the candidates are allowed to solicit/campaign within the perimeter of IACC property.
    • Be positive and focus on future programs, define your vision on how to build a better Muslim community.
    • If candidates are directly involved in violation of above-mentioned rules, the commission has the right to disqualify their candidacy.
  • The final list – The final of candidates published on October 30th, 2020 will remain unchanged on ballot paper.
  • Voting – During early voting November 17th –28th as well as general voting on November 29th, 2020, candidates should not be present in the vicinity of the polling areas (IACC Library and adjacent corridors).
  • Elections shall be conducted as per the final voter list provided by IACC and published in October 30th 2020. Candidates and their surrogates are not allowed to intervene in the voting process in Masjid premises on behalf of other community members. Any candidate or their surrogates found in violation of this rule may result in their disqualification.
  • One representative per candidate will be allowed to observe the counting process on November 29th, 2020.

Background Check Permission

I, __________________________________________, hereby declare that I am a resident of Collin County, currently   residing at ______________________________________________________________________   I am a registered member of the Islamic Association of Collin County (IACC). I give permission to IACC Election Commission to perform background check using my Social Security # ________ -________- _______________      Driving License # _______________________   This background check shall only be used for nomination & qualification of my candidacy in Shura election and the results should not be disclosed or discussed with anyone beside the Election Commission.  Initial:  ________________

By signing this form, I agree that I have read and understood these rules for the IACC Shura & Ameer Elections 2020. I will fully comply by these rules. Failure to comply these rules will be subject to my disqualification.

Signature (Candidate): ___________________________          Date: _____________________________

Home Phone #: (_____) ___________________          Mobile #: _______________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________